Welcome to your first skin aesthetic consultation and appointment, the first step in achieving an evergreen youthful appearance. It is understandable that you may have any concerns and questions regarding your first visit for a medical aesthetic treatment and it is certainly normal if the thought of your first appointment would be intimidating and nerve-wrecking, but worry not, we will share the details of your beauty treatment here at our beauty aesthetic clinic to ease your thoughts: including what to expect out of pre-appointment, during the appointment, and post-appointment at B+ Clinic.


Pre-appointment: Consultation

The consultation phase is the very first step of your skin aesthetic treatment journey. If you are wondering whether you will receive consultations for every aesthetic skin treatment at the clinic, you’re absolutely right! In every appointment for beauty treatment, there will always be a consultation first hand. To help you understand your beauty needs, a thorough consultation will be done with your practitioner. We will help you guide through the treatment stage, discussing your goals and expectations, as well as answering your inquiries and concerns regarding your respective treatments.

Don’t know what to ask? Here are some common concerns you may inquire our practitioners:

1. How long is the downtime?

2. Is it okay if I continue going to work after the treatment?

3. How long does the results last?

4. Will my skin be swollen or scabbed?


    Rest assured, our practitioners will clear out any confusions and at the same time reassure you of our treatments during the consultation process. Don’t worry, just ask away!


    During The Appointment: Aesthetic Treatment

    Whichever skin aesthetic treatment that you opt for, the practitioner will walk you through the first treatment preparations and process. It is important for you to prepare yourself before going through your treatment to ensure there will be no complications and help the process be at ease.

    Here are some general preparations that you can practise before the treatments:

    1. Drink plenty of water for hydration

    2. Practise good skincare routine

    3. Prevent alcohol intake

    4. Reduce caffeine intake

    5. Avoid harsh substances or putting pressure on your skin


      Given that medical procedures are included in aesthetic treatments, you may experience discomfort and slight pain induced by the treatment itself, however, it is completely normal to feel so.
      Do not worry, as prior to treatment, the practitioner will use medical-grade numbing cream to ease any discomfort. It is preferred to keep your treatment areas well-kept with our skin maintenance products to achieve the desired results.


      Post-appointment: Follow-up Consultations and Treatments

      For post-appointment sessions, there will be follow-up appointments to be attended. It is important to attend follow-up aesthetic consultation with your practitioner for evaluation and aftercare. Since our skin and body systems are unique to our own each way, practitioners need to understand what your post-treatment experiences are for them to cater to your aftercare needs, hence, the need for follow-up appointments. The practitioners need to take note of any allergies, buffers and how the treatment turns out after the appointment to make sure that the treatment is being optimised and your skin is being cared for.


      Here at B+ Clinic, we strive for the comfort of our customers, hence, providing the best aesthetic treatment for you. Do not be afraid of your first appointment, it is normal to have heebie-jeebies but it will all be worth it! Feel free to ask questions to our aestheticians before booking your first ever skin aesthetic treatment appointment. It is recommended for you to know our processes, services and the products that we use to help you feel assured and confident.

      Book your first aesthetic appointment with us today!

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