Our skin remains unique and adapts differently to changes, especially after aesthetic skin treatments. In every aesthetic treatment, it is normal for you to experience discomfort and changes due to your body adjusting to the treatment. This is by all means that the treatment is working their way up to produce the ultimate result To further optimise the results, it is recommended for you to practise proper aftercare and skin maintenance. This is also to avoid any circumstances from happening and maintain the youthful look after your treatment. Different treatments may vary, so, the result and maintenance for thread lifts, dermal filler, skin booster injection and botulinum toxin aftercare also varies from one another. Skin maintenance and aftercare may be intricate and needs a good amount of attention, thus, let’s take a look on how to sustain and avoid anything that can bring harm to your skin.


Avoid Applying Products On Affected Areas

Your skin will be more sensitive after your non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, hence, it is important for you to practise skin maintenance. Skin maintenance (commonly known as skincare routine) is a routine of you taking care of your skin by applying facial toner, moisturiser and cleansing your face. It is not entirely wrong for you to use skincare or beauty products on your skin, but it is advisable for you to avoid applying them on your skin after 24 hours, especially harsh products that may lead to scabbing or irritation. To have a better understanding on which products to apply and to avoid, consult your practitioner on how long to wait before applying your skincare products. It is best to only apply soothing aftercare products provided by our clinic.


Cover Your Skin

Not only should you protect your skin from harsh skincare or makeup products, but you should protect your skin from the surrounding environment too! Your skin is potentially exposed to unknown debris and chemicals in the air. You may wear protective clothing such as a cloth or a mask to avoid any unwanted chemical or debris from making contact with your skin. Another skin maintenance tip is to avoid sunshine, sauna and steam! Wear sunscreen both indoors and outdoors to protect your skin from harsh UV rays, and avoid sauna & steam since it may result in broken capillaries and sensitive skin.


Hands Off!

Scabbings and swellings can potentially happen after the aesthetic treatments. Do not worry as these phenomena are normal after any non-surgical anti-ageing treatments! Even though they can be unappealing, scabs are frequently signs of healthy healing. The body reacts swiftly to heal from the procedure because it perceives it as a trauma. When the body is “injured”, the main reaction is for the blood to flow with an excess of nutrients. This increased blood flow results in swelling at the procedure site. When this occurs, do not pick on or apply pressure on the affected areas to avoid anything unwanted such as scarring or infections from happening.


Aftercare and maintenance are equally important as the treatment itself. To ensure your facial and skin maintains good results after the treatment, you should assure that it is well kept by using the right products and avoid any harsh conditions that fall upon your skin. A good routine of skin maintenance and care is needed to maintain the treated area.

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