Ever thinking of having nice and smooth skin without any wrinkles? Or dreamt of a radiant youthful face? Non-surgical filler or dermal fillers can help you achieve those dreams! Choosing the best fillers for your face can be quite challenging if you are not aware of what fillers do and the different types that can be applied. Hence, before doing dermal fillers, one should understand what dermal fillers are and how they work to help you achieve a flawless look. In this article, we are going to look deeper into the definitions of dermal fillers, types of dermal fillers available to choose from and how to choose the perfect one for you.

What is a dermal filler?

Dermal filler (or non-surgical filler) is an injectable cosmetic gel that is intended to improve the structure of the face, reduce wrinkles and restore volume to the face. Unbeknownst to people, fillers can actually be utilised in the areas besides the eyes, nose and lips – not just your cheeks. Thanks to this marvel, you can now worry less about ageing and achieve a lush and youthful look effortlessly.

Types of dermal fillers

Here at B+ Clinic, we use Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers which is a substance that supports the maintenance of skin volume and hydration. Thinner fillers are used for fine lines and lips, and thicker fillers are used for volumising cheeks or chin. 

However, the volume of the fillers are determined based on the treatment goal, face condition or the severity of fine lines on the face. For example, if you have thinner lips and would like to opt for thicker, duck-like lips, you may want to go for thicker fillers. Of course, our aesthetic practitioners will provide thorough consultation and assessment to ensure that you get the best results that the filler can achieve.

Choosing the perfect filler for you

Now that you get the gist of dermal fillers, it’s time to choose the perfect filler for you! Grab the nearest mirror and make a small analysis of your face – what do you see? Wrinkles, volume loss, or ageing signs? List out which area(s) of your face that you have concerns for. It is important to note the areas of concern to determine the perfect filler for you. Our practitioners may also help determine and suggest on which part of your face that needs intervention and decide the best filler for your face, of course, with your approval.

Still not 100% sure if it matches your concerns? Here at B+ Clinic, our treatments are tailored for you. Our dermal filler cosmetic procedure can be customised to meet your aesthetic goals, from defining your face features to addressing worries about ageing. So don't worry about getting the wrong filler type, we will help you find out what specific fillers are suitable for your face. 

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