When we talk about skin boosters, the first thing that crosses people’s minds is the fact that it has to be injected into the skin, and that immediately throws them off. Are you one of them?


Lucky for you, the whole point of B+ Clinic and its aim is to make injectables more accessible and to educate people on their misconceptions. 


That being said, B+ Clinic recommends the HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster Treatment as an introductory treatment into the world of aesthetics. Read on to learn more about our HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster Treatment!


What is the HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster?


This skin booster is an anti-aging treatment that plumps your skin with intense revitalization. It hydrates your skin while simultaneously refining wrinkles, fine lines and improving the appearance of your skin. 


What does HA do?


Hyaluronic acid is widely used in skincare routines and products as a humectant (a substance that binds water onto the skin). It is often found as the key ingredient in serums, oral supplements, dermal fillers and eye drops. Also, hyaluronic acid is also found in many topical formulations, mainly for its hydrating properties to smoothen and plump the skin.


Why do you need HA?


As much as you think you don’t need HA, you do! Because of its hydrating properties and ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, it’s known to be a water magnet! 


What makes our HA+ Booster special?


It contains:


 32 amino acids that enhance the composition of protein

 9 vitamins that stimulate your cells’ biological function

 2 types of minerals that improve the skin metabolism 

 1 coenzyme that strengthens the exchange between cells

 1 antioxidant that removes active oxygen

 1 hexane that supplements the lack of matrix cell ion


    PDRN (salmon DNA) aids in wound healing


    Is the HA+ Booster safe?


    Yes. It is derived from natural ingredients and has been tested and documented as safe. It’s also been approved by MOH. 

    How long till you see results?


    Results vary based on every individual, but typically it takes about 1 to 2 treatments to see a visible difference. 


    How should you care for your skin after the treatment?


      It’s best not to apply makeup, even CC cream for 12 hours after the treatment

      Do apply sunblock every day without fail

      Avoid exposure to sun, cold and heat for 2 weeks, especially steam baths, sauna, steam room, swimming

      If possible, refrain from using retinol, chemical peels, scrubs or exfoliators for a week

      It’s advisable to avoid alcoholic beverages 1 week prior to and post-treatment

      For best results, apply a sheet mask daily for 7 days straight

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